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I have a crawl space that I wanted to insulate while I can get to it easily. We are finishing our basement and soon the access to this space will be limited. (Still not sure how to keep an entrance to the crawlspace if anyone has any suggestions) However, for the forum , I was just wondering if I should insulate in the crawl space and if so with what.
Thanks for your time
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I have researched insulating my own crawl space and here is
what I found.

If you have an unheated crawl space with
vents you should plan on insulating under the floor between the joist.

A sealed unvented crawl space that to the best of your knowledge does not ever get wet may be insulated by covering the walls with rolled insulation and stuffing
batts in at the top of the wall between the joist. You should also add a vapor barrier to the floor for added protection.

If you do have a vented crawl space but if your house drains well and you see it does not get wet you may close the vents and insulate the walls as described above.

Owens Corning has a good description on their web site of this procedure.

I also read an article from the DOE which concluded vented crawls are not really of any value to the health of your house contrary to building codes across the country.

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