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Removing fiberglass batts without fibers all over house


Old 09-06-11, 12:45 AM
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Removing fiberglass batts without fibers all over house

I've gotten very frustrated trying to air seal when there's already fiberglass batts poorly installed with rock wool on top. So much stuff is screwed up. Insulation is over electrical work, bathroom fan vents to the attic, the space above the stairs is just open into the attic...

It's driving me nuts that the existing insulation is there. I really want to rent an industrial vacuum and suck out all the rock wool, and find a way to get the fiberglass batts out too.

I know leaving the fiberglass there would help my total R value, but I'm going extremely slowly working around it, and think it would be way quicker to just remove it.

I've seen a few companies advertise online that they specialize in insulation removal, not to do it yourself because it gets fiberglass fibers all over the living space.

Is this a real concern, or something I can do myself? I'm figuring I could mist some water from a squirt bottle on the fiberglass, roll it carefully, and double garbage bag it. The only way I have to get it out is handing the bags to my wife through the attic hatch -- which is in the master bedroom.

My other idea is that with a strong enough vacuum, might be able to cut the fiberglass and suck it up, but I'm not sure a strong enough vacuum with a wide enough hose is for rent at H/D.

I'm going to look tomorrow, but I don't think the gable vents are big enough to let me throw garbage bags out through there...
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Old 09-06-11, 07:50 PM
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I'd stop where you are. Homes need 60 to 80 cfm of fresh air for good IAQ
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Thanks for your reply. I'm leaning now toward letting it be and just putting in the cellulose insulation on top. I think removing it would be a larger project than I anticipated, and no one seems to rent vacuums in the area that can handle this type of job. (I called about 30 tool rental places today.)

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