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have 95 year old house-boulder foundation-what is the easiest way to cover on inside to keep dirt and dust down and to insulate.

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Is it a crawlspace? Don't worry about your foundation type. You are not insulating your foundation, you are insulating the living space.

Put plastic sheeting down on the crawl space floor to keep moisture from rising. Get some foam-in-a-can and fill all the holes in the framing where the utilities pass through. This will stop air infilteration and reduce dust inside the house. Then apply fiberglass batt insulation to the joists with the paper side closest to the flooring and the fiberglass down towards the dirt floor. Then get the foam inserts for your outlets and switches. Remove the existing cover plate, install foam insert, replace cover plate. This will also reduce air infilteration and dust.

Finnally go up into your attic and fill all the utilties holes into the framing with the foam-in-a-can. Get some caulk and run a bead around the exterior of all windows and doors.

If you have a basement, then all the above applies. Additionally you can seal the rock walls. You could paint the rocks with a mositure proof barrier. You can skim coat with a motar mix. You can frame a wall, insulate, vapor barrier and sheetrock.

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