cardboard boxes are water logged


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cardboard boxes are water logged

Back ground:
I live in N California and the temps have dropped and 3 weeks ago I just built a 14X20 outbuilding. I had a cement pad poured, I used hardiboard siding with TRX vapor wrap underneath. There is 1 gable vent and 1 double pain vinyl sliding patio door, with a comp roof. It took 6 days to finish.. After I sealed it with about 15 tubes of caulking and painted it, I started to load it up with storage.

What is happening now is all my cardboard boxes are water logged and items destroyed due to moisture in the air. They were not sitting on the floor but still all got ruined. It's crazy I wanted to save this stuff that lasted 50 years in my family and now they are ruined.

Was it the concrete? Lack of insulation? (there no insulation inside.) No eve vents

My old 30 year old shed did a better job..

Where do I go from here to solve this issue?
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I have trouble with my tools rusting and rain in the hangar. It's a nice, water tight, proper building but every spring & fall condensation soaks everything. Over night the cold soaks into the building chilling everything. Then the weather changes bringing in some moist air and it condenses on all the cold stuff. My tools sweat and the water drops from the building's steel framing almost like it's raining. It doesn't happen in the heat of the summer or cold of winter but spring & fall with the rapid temperature changes brings on the water. Any chance this is similar to your situation.
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AS Pilot said, plus that concrete still has a lot of moisture in it. Move everything back to a nice dry house or install a dehumidifier and bring the moisture level down.


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