drafty lights


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drafty lights

I have a lot of cold air falling from my recessed lights and bath exhaust fans. I can seal around the fixtures with caulking to slow the drafts, but what else do I need to do eliminate the draft from the attic to my living space?
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I am going to guess that the recessed light fixtures are not sealed units, if you can replace them with sealed units. Then you can seal around them with spray foam and lay bat insulation or blown in insulation around and on top of them. Your other option is to put a lens over the light but then you might have to reduce the wattage of the bulb too.

Bathroom fans usually don't come with a good damper, even on the better units. I would put in an inline damper if there is a vertical or uphill run of ducting that you can get too. Another option is to change the vent were the ducting exits the structure and put in one with a damper.

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