Bathroom Insulation


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Bathroom Insulation

I'm about to embark on gutting & re-doing a bathroom. My son's bedroom is on the other side of the main wall. Whenever we flush or run the water we can "really" hear it in his room. Any way to "sound" proof between the walls? Will insulation on an interior wall do the trick? Wrapping the pipes maybe?

Thoughts anyone??
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Improvement is always possible, but to sound proof is a major project. From one room to another the sound can travel through the wall cavity, through the studs, over the top and under the bottom. Adding insulation will only address one of those paths, but it might help. Roxul makes a material specifically for sound reduction, although it may not be necessary in your application. Their regular high density insulation may be sufficient. Blown in cellulose would be another option or an extra layer of rigid insulation over the studs, before the new drywall or other treatment.

If you have the extra space, you can consider a second wall or staggered stud configuration so that the drywall on one side is not attached to the same studs as the drywall on the other side. That would reduce the direct sound coupling through the wood.

How much space do you have to play with, and will you be removing the wall and drywall from the bedroom side?

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insulation can help but typically it needs to be sound attenuation blankets to be effective. Typical fiberglass batts do not do you much good. You could also add mass in the form of additional drywall layers to deaden the sound. If you added some resilient channels (RC-1 channels) to the bedroom side (horizontally) and then another layer of 1/2" or 5/8" drywall it would help a great deal. Not sure if you intended to do any drywall work in the bedroom but this may be the best way to diminish the sound on the bedroom side. If your waste/drain piping in the wall is PVC you could switch to cast iron to reduce sound but not sure if your renovation will involve this much plumbing work.

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