Insulation and sub-floor info please


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Insulation and sub-floor info please

Not really sure where to post this.

I need to remove an existing floor which is built as an addition over a concrete patio. The floor joist are 2X10 over the concrete.

My question's are: after I remove the existing floor should I place 6 mill plastic over the concrete? Should I use R-30 batt instulation? I have come up with an idea of supporting the insulation so it will not fall down.

Should I use OSB or plywood as a subfloor?

In order to match the other flooring I will need to add another sheet of either plywood or OSB.

I also plan on placing 6 mill plastic on the floor joists before I instal the sub-floor.

I would appreciate anybody replying with help and recommendations.

This floor is very cold right now as there is no insulation to speak of under the flooring.

Many thanks in advance for any help or advice....

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if the addition isnt very large i would go with spray foam open cell is cheaper but closed cell is better.

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