Is this stuff unhealthy to breathe in?


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Is this stuff unhealthy to breathe in?

Well, I don't mean the loose blown-in insulation material you see in attics, though I assume that that stuff can't be good to breathe in. I mean the studs that you see in between walls. You know the insulation material that is bound by paper that you can buy in big packets from places like Home Depot.

I gotta remove all that in-between the wall insulation. Is it a big deal if I am just careful and take it down myself?
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Wear a mask, long sleeves and gloves - that stuff is nasty.
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A dust mask is all you need..... but like Mitch said long sleeves! the more skin you cover up the better - unless you don't mind being itchy
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The itchiness is from the fiberglass making thousands of tiny cuts in your skin. The more you handle it without protection, the worse it will be.

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