DIY via Lowes/Home Depot or hire a professional...


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DIY via Lowes/Home Depot or hire a professional...

Want to add insulation over blown in cellulose in my attic. The large home improvement centers offer wide variety and rent (or include it with min purchase) the equipment to blow it in. Any one with experience in this? I am reasonably competent and handle all other home improvement projects short of new construction. Is this something that I can handle or do I look for a contractor?
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If you don't mind crawling around in an attic, it is defanetly a DIY job. You will need a helper to feed the machine. Helpful hints:

1) Before doing the blow in, address any ventilation issues you may have. Add soffit vents by the walls so that your soffit on the underside of the soffit will stay open and still work. Make sure you have good roof vents
2) Mark on the trusses of rafters the Level you need to go to keep it even.
3) Seal around any penetrations in the ceiling to the attic. Biggest offenders is plumbing vents, but look at electrical as well such as can lights. (Can light should IC rated otherwise you have to keep the insulation 3" away.)
4) Extend your scuttle hole sides to accommodate the new insulation.
5) Wear a mask

Here is a good article to read too: Saving Energy: Blown Attic Insulation - Step by Step | The Family Handyman

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