How to correctly insulate this bathroom situation


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How to correctly insulate this bathroom situation

My bathroom faces the back of my house. Its on the second floor and they way the house was built the first floor has eaves. Pics attached. With the bathroom gutted I have access to the eaves. I removed old insulation in the floor and the walls. How should this Eave (believe thats what it is called be insulated). From what I can tell there is no venting in the eaves. No soffit vents. Hopefully the pics will give a better idea.
Pic1 - Outside of house to understand what I mean by eaves
Pic2 - bathroom wall facing exterior of house
Pic3 - shows old fiberglass insulation stuffed in the corners
Pic4- shows one slot/corner I removed the insulation from
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After correctly insulating the eaves I was wondering if I could insulate the walls this way. Could I cut some .5" polyiso foam to put up on the walls. Than add R13 fiberglass insulation on top of that (the kraft paper kind). I like the idea of the rigid foam to prevent air drafts? I'm concerned that the polyiso is a vapor barrier and the kraft fiberglass insulation is also one.
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I would not use the ridig, it has lousy R valve and is expensive. Last year I bought a roll of R-15 kraft at depot. It is as tight as a frog butt, although the foam stuff looks cool. As far as the eaves, just don't do the roof.

You are correct about the the double vapor barrier-not good.

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