insulation in a new basement


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I have moved a house onto a new basement, and have run into a stumbling block. The building codes in my area require minimum R12 insulation to 2' below grade (frost)on the inside of the basement wall. Standard procedure is to frame the wall and install batt insulation and vapor barrier. My beef is, 1/2 of my basement is for the mechanical room, future cold room, and hobby shop. I didn't want to frame the walls, and I didn't want to insulate this area in order to keep it cool.
What I would like to know is: are there alternatives to the standard practice that don't require framing? ie: foil types, roll insulation that could be hung from the joists, etc.
Any help or resources would be appreciated. Thanks
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I'm also interested in the same question. See my question labelled "Basement Insulation" a few days back. Approx. 3/4 of my basement is insulated with R-13 in the 2x4 walls. Awesome !!!
The Heater Room and my Work Shop is not insulated. It just the Cinder Block walls. That area is approx. 12'x12'. It's not cool in that area, it is COLD. Very COLD. I want to insulate the area, but do not want to frame out the walls to do so. Any suggestions???
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My new house has a basement that was insulated with insulation about 4 feet high and has a white "plastic" vapor barrier. The insulation was rolled out and attached to the wall about every 6 feet. One piece was rolled 1/2 way around the basement (maybe 50 feet??). Find some of that and you are set.

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