Continuous Soffit Vents & Roof Vents


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I own a Tri-Level home in Chicago and am thinking of improving the insulation in my attic. I've heard that I should also increase the ventillation as well. My roof is 5 yrs old and no ridge vent. I have soffit vents BUT they are only on the corners of the building. I checked to make sure the aren't blocked aleady. I have roof vents - 4 on each roof at the peeks. I would like to add continuous soffit vents on the back of the house (maybe the front too if it's not too much work).

My question is, if I add continuous soffit, do I need to add more roof vents too? I'd prefer to wait until the roof is due again rather than cutting new holes in the roof at such an early age.
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Be careful not to OVERVENT the house. Figure out the square footage of the attic floor (the ceilings of the rooms directly under the attic) and divide that number by 300. That's how many square feet of attic ventilation you want. Divide THAT number in half. That's how much of the ventilation goes in the soffit. The rest (same amount) goes in the upper 2/3 of the attic, whether it be as a ridge vent, gable vents, mushroom vents, turbines, or some combination thereof.

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