Openings in attic over wall space


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I have a home built in 1920's. The walls are plaster & lathe with a brick exterior. There is no insulation in the walls.
1) Is there a way to insulate these walls from the top since in the attic I can see down between the plaster & the exterior brick.
2) should I close this opening in the attic to restrict the air flow & hopefully hold in some of the heat I am losing through the wall.
3) If yes to #2 how do I close the opening? Fiberglass unfaced, blow-in, expanding foam,???
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If I'm following you correctly, you can look down the inside of the walls between the interior lathe & plaster and the exterior brick. If you can get your head over the top of the wall, there's probably enough space for a hose to be inserted into the wall and cellulose blown into the cavities. Call several insulation contractors and get quotes on having it done. Have them blow the attic after they do the walls if you have less than 12" of insulation there now. You;ll probably save enough on your utility bills to pay for the job in 2 years or less. After that, it's money in the bank.
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I am in the process of doing the blow-in on the attic myself. I am wondering will they use anything different to do the blow-in on the walls than what I will get from Home Depot to use. The diameter if the hose lookes exactly the same with every contractor I have seen and I believe the walls have fire blocking in them half-way down. I can fill to that blocking but not below it.

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