living upstairs, no insulation downstairs


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living upstairs, no insulation downstairs

We are living in the upstairs and remodeling the downstairs of our house. The downstairs is gutted but the double hung vinyl windows are new. It may be some time before we are ready to continue with renovations. Are there any temporary insulating solutions worth trying for the next couple months while we have no walls down there?
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Protect all plumbing and water pipes, and heating pipes if you have baseboard HW heat. In the winter air flows into the lower portions of a home and out the upper leaks. Blocking either the "in" or the "out" can help and it is something you will want to do before you close things up.

Are you looking at bare studs downstairs and no insulation? Or is the drywall still up?

What type of heat do you have and can it be directed more to the upstairs?

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We have a forced air furnace. The duct work is a mess. Some is rusted and leaky, some is disconnected altogether.

Bare studs with no insulation. Also we're looking to redo the wiring. Dunno what comes first.
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As long as the walls are exposed, do the electrical before you do anything else.

For upstairs, for a couple of months in Iowa, just get some electric blankets, a good comforter to keep in the heat.Wear sweaters and tough it out for a couple of months. In an extreme, you could get a lightweight space blanket (reflective, slippery Mylar blanket that comes in only one weight) that is too slippery to keep things on top of it. I used one in northern MN in November (down to 0F at night) over snow and then over my sleeping bag to sleep on while deer hunting and it is amazing, but I had to wear at cap.

The cold will be an incentive to keep the work going.


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