Replacing all insulation & noticed gaps to outside


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Replacing all insulation & noticed gaps to outside

Hi folks,

I'm in the middle of gutting 3 bedrooms in my 1966 split level ranch. As I was pulling out the insulation in the walls (sheetrock down). I noticed that instead of plywood for the exterior of the house - they used something called fireproof sheathing. To me it looks like sheetrock.

Anyway - when the siding went on, there seems to be places that punched chips out of the sheetrock - and I can see through to the outside in a couple holes. There's also the edge of the sheetrock in one spot that it does not look like they sealed it off at all.

Question being - what material to use to patch it up? First guess I'd think silicon - but once I put the insulation in and interior sheet rock up - I'll not get to it again until I decide to redo the siding. is Silicon the best options still or should I explore something like roofing repair tar?

Thank you!
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Gypsum sheathing was common in that time frame in some areas. You don't need to do anything about the holes or untaped seams. If it REALLY bothers you then mix up some Fixall and plaster the holes.
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To reduce air leakage into those walls, I would fill them in as Furd suggested, especially if you are going to use fiberglass. A can of foam on penetrations through studs will help as well, but not in any location that the sun cab get to.

Have you reviewed air sealing and new insulation codes in your area. Some locations require them on any renovations.

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Thank you,

Yeah I've read up on the air barrier, seems like pretty common sense stuff to me.

Fixall sounds good, i'll give it a shot - when I removed the previous insulation seeing the bugs that got in makes me want to seal it up.

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