Spray in or matting installation


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Spray in or matting installation

I have a 52 yr old house w/out installation in the walls or grounds in the outlets
Does it make sense to tear out the drywall and insulate the walls are should I just drill holes and shoot in the installation. I am considering running ground wires to the outlets if I open the walls. The ext walls are stucco so going that way is out of the question. Any thoughts.
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Does it make economic sense to add insulation to your walls at all? It depends on where you are, how your house is constructed, and what heating and cooling systems you have.

A good tool for focusing insulation improvements where you will get the greatest return on investment is the ZIP-Code Insulation Program from the fine folks at Oak Ridge National Laboratories.

You can achieve greater safety for your wiring and gain the ability to install 3-slot receptacles without adding an equipment grounding conductor (a ground wire) by installing a GFCI receptacle as the first device in each receptacle circuit and protecting the downstream receptacles from the load terminals on the GFCI. That would also be compatible with AFCI protection added in your panel.

Bottom line, I wouldn't jump right into tearing the walls open.

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