Add insulation or leave it alone?


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My house is relativly new (5 years old). My upstairs bedrooms have always been colder (and hotter in the summer)than the downstairs by three or four degrees.

I was in the attic recently, on another matter, and noticed that my blown in insulation ranges from ~12" in the center to ~2 to 4" near the soffits. It was obvious that the insulation contractor did a shoddy job (there was even a scrap 4X8 sheet of plywood laying on the joists with no insulation below).

Would you recommend renting a blower and blowing more in? Or just "rake" around what I have?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I think I already know the answer, but I need a little push to get going.
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Remove the sheet of plywood. Rake out the insulation you have to get it more uniform. Be careful not to block your soffit vents. Then see what your average depth is. Once this is done, you may need to blow a few more bags into the attic to get you to 10" to 12" of depth. Since heat rises, your upstairs rooms should always be a few degrees warmer than the downstairs.
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Steve: Lefty's right on.
Not to throw a wrench into this, but is their a Vapor Barrier of any type present on the attic floor?? You may want a Vapor Barrier.

Just a note: My house (12 Years Old) has 4"-5" of blown-in and the project I just completed was I pushed out the blown-in and put down R-11 "Kraft Face" and then put the blown-in back over the rolled R-11. Seems to be a pretty good bed of insulation now.(R-11 "Kraft Face" w/4"-5" of blown-in, I think I'm somewhere around an R-25 now). It was a hell of a job pushing aside all that blown-in stuff. I also insulated the east and west exterior walls in the attic. That also helps a little.

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