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I live in a single story ranch style home. We are getting to much humidity in our house in the winter. It's registering around 80% all winter. Our dehumidafier never shuts off. I looked under the house and there is no moisture under there and in the attic there is none. I can't understand why we have so much humidity in our house in the winter time when everyone else needs more humidity. I don't know if this is from the humidity, but you can see light stains on the ceiling where the rafters are. Shouldn't a house be able to breath? What could be causing this?
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Look carefully at all of the sources for humidity. At 80% humidity, there's a problem.

Bathrooms -- do you have vent fans in them? Do you USE them?

Clothes dryer -- Is it in the house? Is it properly vented to the outside? Is the vent clean and unobstructed?

Heater -- HVAC? How old? When was it last serviced? A water or steam heat system? Have it checked.

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