Insulate basement wall or in frame?


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Insulate basement wall or in frame?

I'm doing some research but reading in circles, can anyone help?

I've read a lot of posts and obviously everyone is in a different location and home construction. I'm in Northern NJ. My basement wall is pictured, it has a waterproofing membrane on the block that runs into a weeping drain system into a sump pump.

I'm going to frame the wall up against this membrane. Can I use Roxul in the frame and leave the concrete wall as is?

And/Or I spray foam the rim joist to seal them Or maybe the Rim joist and block down to the membrane?

Does anyone have an opinion on that?
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The attachment failed. Here is the picture-
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Hello, are you still around?

Find your Zone, either 4 or 5; Chapter 11 - Energy Efficiency

Find basement insulation requirement, read footnote "c"; Chapter 11 - Energy Efficiency

Frame a wood wall on 1" XPS (prevent thermal/air/capillary wicking) after gluing 1" XPS to the concrete and membrane plastic (that would transfer CMU temps across them); IRC FAQ: Insulating Sheathing Vapor Retarder Requirements — Building Science Information

Pressure-Treated Sill Plates and the Building Code |

You could also skip the f.b. on the membrane as it is below grade (IMHO- not me) and temps are colder above ground and 3' below to warrant it. Figs. 26, 27;

Use (3-1/2") Roxul in a 2x4 wall with 5-1/2" Roxul to fill cavity above the membrane; touching the f.b.- no air gaps;

XPS and canned foam the rim;

ADA the drywall; Info-401: Air Barriers


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