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#1 I was underneath crawl space and found that the duct insulation has unwrapped and or self destructed (more likely ineffectively applied). Can I use plastic wrap to hold things together? ( I saw this 'paper towel' roll sorta thing that had 8mil or so poly wrap to encircle things for holding things together that I thought would work nicely) Or is maybe more efficient to replace with the new poly wrap ducts. I believe they are standard galvinized lines.

#2 opps forgot the second one now... to many kids to seperate
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As long as the fiberglass insulation AND the plastic vapor barrier are intact and reusable, wrapping the ducts back and using the 8 mil tape to hold it all together should be no problem. If need be, you can add some fiberglass duct insulation (I think it's about an R-4 or R-6), and/or vapor barrier. No sense replacing the duct work if the only problem is the insulation around it.

Get back to us with #2, if and when you get the chance!

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