Basement wall insulation - Interior

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Basement wall insulation - Interior

Evening all,

Was hoping to get some input on a project I am doing, because there is so much conflicting info out there. I'm in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada (weather very much like Maine).

I am insulation my basement to put some extra rooms down there. I have already put up studs for walls, spaced approx 4-5" from the concrete wall. I am only able to insulate from the interior. My basement has various degrees of grade on all 4 sides. The front wall is about 6 feet below grade, the side walls are about 4 feet below grade, and the back wall is completely above grade. From my research here is what I plan to do. I will indicate what step I am currently at when I am reach it.

Front wall (6ft below grade, 3ft above):

I have adhered a poly vapor barrier directly onto the concrete wall. It goes from exterior grade level to below the bottom plate of the stud wall. I then have 1/2 styrofoam sheets adhered to the concrete above the vapor barrier, carried right down to the floor. Next I have R22 fibreglass batts placed in the stud cavities. This is where I currently am. Should I now put up another poly vapor barrier then my gyprock, or should I leave the vapor barrier off so the insulation can dry inwards and just put up the gyprock? That's my major questions here.

Side walls (4ft below grade, 5' above):

I have done the same here as the front wall. Should I again leave the interior vapor barrier off to allow the insulation to dry inwards.

Back wall (completely above grade):

Here I have not used any poly vapor barrier first. I adhered the styrofoam directly to the concrete wall. Next I used the fibreglass batts. On this back wall, which is completely above grade, should I use an interior vapor barrier before the gyprock.

Any. And all info/guidance would be greatly appreciated. I've done so much reading on hi his and have gotten so much conflicting info. Feel free to also drop me a text at 709-725-7273 with direction if so inclined.

Bob M
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