Reccomendation for Shed floor


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Reccomendation for Shed floor

Just had a 12x16 barn style shed built and the floor is an elevated platform with 3/4 plywood. I was thinking of getting under there and gluing Owens Corning FOAMULAR 150 2 inch foam in between the joists. Then stapling tyvek afterwards to the joists to create a moisture barrier? What glue would work well for this? Is there a better way then gluing it inbetween the joist to attach this? I read somewhere it could take 10-15 minutes in the winter for the glue to hold the foam, i would hate to lay under there that long per piece.

I was then going to put some r-13 batting in the walls and possibly the ceiling. They installed a ridge vent for the shed. is that going to make all this insulation pretty much pointless? should i clog up the ridge vent after all the insulation is in?

I plan to used the shed to work on my motorcycle and other odds and ends throughout the year. I have a electric A/C unit installed and wille ventually get a heater as well. I dont intend to keep it running all year but would like to be able go out and turn on a/c or heat and be comfortable working in the winter or summer.

Thanks for reading and any suggestions are very much welcomed!
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I forgot to mention i am also worried about critters and will be putting some hardware cloth around the shed and down about a foot.

Will the tyvek i put under the foam keep the critters/wasps/bees out of the foam insulation underneath?
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It is best to install the fb on the joist bottoms after the fibrous cavity insulation, this will decouple it from the ground; BSI-009: New Light In Crawlspaces — Building Science Information May need plywood on that to keep out insects. Tape all seams/perimeters. Tyvek is very open perm - around 58, if you go that way. The attic ventilation won't effect your thermal barrier as it is above it. Leave the ridge vent alone. Add baffles at the intake vents and cover top of insulation with Tyvek if concerned about wind-washing.


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