Ceiling Mildew


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We're in Minnesota, our house was built in 1984. There's blown insulation in the attic. When we have our normal winters, we have mildew form on the ceiling, where the ceiling and the outside walls meet, below the attic joists. We have 4 plastic roof vents. There are also eave vents (2 foot overhang). What is causing this and what can be done to stop this? Thank You.
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Mildew will grow where you have warm air on the interior side of the ceiling sheetrock and cold air on the exterior (attic) side. You didn't say, but I would guess that this problem is at it's worse where the soffit vents are located. You also didn't say, but I would also guess that you have fiberglass insulation in the attic. You may be able to reduce the problem, perhaps even eliminate it by carefully pushing some of the insulation closer to the soffit vents. You don't want the block off the ventilation through any of the vents, just get the insulation closer to the exterior walls.
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Ceiling Mildew

Thank You. When it warms up around here and the snow melts. We will have to take off the eave vents and see that they aren't plugged. The winds really blow and hit our house hard. We're on a high river bluff, with no wind block for miles, in some directions and very little the other directions. The attic has approximately 18" to 24" of blown insulation. My husband had been told we may need to install a turban vent. Would that help?

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