insulated keg box?


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I am a homebrewer.

I am going to start kegging my homebrews instead of bottling and I need a way to keep the kegs cold. Converting a used fridge is not practical right now. I would like to build a insulated box with a drain to store and serve my kegs from.

What kind of insulation is ok to get wet?

If none, is there anything I can coat the insulation with to make it waterproof?

What type of wood should the exterior be made from? It will be outside rarely, mostly indoor serving.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Foam is water proof. It can be glued easily.

Build a box of foam. I would think you could cover the foam with some rigid material to help protect the foam from damage.

I would think you could buy a used broken fridge for next to nothing. Or a large cooler.
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When I was getting ready to install my keg set-up, I talked to a local appliance store that sells refrigerators. They usually pick up an old refrigerator, when they deliver a new one, and usually have to pay to dispose of it. They delivered a good used refrigerator to my door for $10.00. And the overtop freezer is great for frosted mugs.

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