Basement insulation


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Basement insulation

I am looking at finishing my basement and the builder hung an insulation blanket over the concrete. I would like to leave it in place and stud in front of it. My question is while space is not that much of an issue we would like to maximize space. Should I use regular 2x4 studs or can I use 2x2 furring strips to build the walls?
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Hi Startd and welcome to the forum.
Before you decide on the size of the studs you need to review that insulation blanket and whether it is good to leave it in place. Link below. See photo #4 for an ideal basement approach.

Also check code requirements as you do get cold winters over there and remember, code is considered the absolute minimum.

It sounds like a newer home so do you have a history of the basement being dry?
That will get you started,

BSD-103: Understanding Basements — Building Science Information

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