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I am wanting to insulate under the floor of my 70 yr old home that sits of piers. What R-value is suggested, and how do I place the moisture barrier (facing floor or the ground) ??? I live in the high-humidity south, and am very concerned about not causing a moisture retention problem. Also, is chicken wire recommended to finish the project?
Any help will be appreciated.
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R19 is generally recommended in floors. The kraft paper always faces the heated area of the house (no matter where the insulation is being installed).Chicken wire isn't necessary to finish the project. Wires, also known as "Tiger Teeth," are available to hold the insulation in place. Install these every two feet along the batt. You may also want to consider installing a 6 mil vapor barrier on the ground to help deal with moisture. This is simply plastic that you will cut to fit the size of your floor. To hold it in place, bend some Tiger Teeth and insert them into the plastic. 80-100% coverage is recommended.

Hope this helps.


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