Please give recommendations for attic insulation


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Please give recommendations for attic insulation

I want to insulate the ceiling between the uppermost floor and the attic.

The entry to the attic is a 19" x 19" opening. What are my options for insulating the attic? Or is it limited to loose fill / blow in? Should I install a vapor barrier?

There is a plaster lath ceiling, if I needed to replace the ceiling would the insulation make it impossible to tear down and replace with sheet rock?

There are ceder shake debris from when a new roof was installed. Should I clean the debris out?

How should I handle the electrical wiring? How should I mark the wiring so I can find the wires in the future.

There is an attic blower exhausting through the roof.

High res pictures of the attic:[email protected]/14521369944[email protected]/14519414741[email protected]/14336152930[email protected]/14519414591

I can take additional pictures if it would help to clarify things.
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You can use batt insulation if you want. Blown in is an easy way to pile a lot of insulation quickly. You also don't have to cut it to fit around obstacles like batts.

Either way, I would install a raised platform for access throughout the attic. You don't want to crawl through blown in or on top of batts if you need to do work up there. I would also clean up the debris and air seal any holes in the ceiling below to prevent air flow.

I would mark the location of your electrical junctions somewhere right above them, and I would tidy up the wiring and secure it.

Unless the damage to the plaster is really bad, you should be able to go over it with drywall. If you have to remove it, your insulation will come down with it.

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