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I have been given conflicting information about re-wrapping asbestos pipe wrap insulation in my basement. The house is 74 yrs old, and has hot water heating radiators throughout. The pipes in the basement have about a 5-6" diameter of asbestos wrap around almost all of the pipes with rusted metal bands holding them on. Is it best to wet them all down, clip off the bands, and remove them into plastic contractor-grade bags for permanent removal (is it legal to throw out in regular garbage?!!). Or, is it ok to wrap them all with duct tape to seal them? They are obviously old and tattered (they are coming apart in some spots, and let a lot of dust go when touched). I have an asbestos-grade filtered mask, and don't mind doing the work, but i would like to know the safest and cheapest way to take care of a potentially hazardous problem. thanx, Jeff.

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Do you plan on selling the home? If so I would remove it--if found during a home inspection--could deter many buyers. You could leave it and wrap it. Asbestos is only a hazard when disturbed--ie.dust. Removing it does typically create more of a hazard than leaving it. As far as disposal you do not want to know the "proper" procedues. Depending on your local garbage collection--mine takes anything and everything---I love those guys!

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