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Freaking OUT! drywall cinder block? Contractors here DO I STOP THEM??

Freaking OUT! drywall cinder block? Contractors here DO I STOP THEM??


Old 11-11-14, 07:52 AM
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Freaking OUT! drywall cinder block? Contractors here DO I STOP THEM??

Please...any input. I am nervous wreck. Have drywallers here and they are going to try this below and I am not sure if this should be done!!

Lower part house flooded months back.
Remodeling as fixing.

It was built yrs ago out of cinder block.
On wall I used insulation board then studs and insulation (fiberglass)

The problem is inside the window area. The sides are not wide enough for any thermal break. So I painted Dryloc. Then have drywall guys glue drywall to that inside.
They didn't brace it well enough so the back half is not glued.
This then causes drywall to stick out NOT allowing window to be opened in for cleaning.

They want to drill holes into cinder block and put screws in to hold drywall since the guys that glued drywall didn't brace it for glue to hold proper.


Another concern is where the drywall isn't attached...well if I push on it....then it fits up agaist cinder block. It's like the drywall has pressure on the front area.
So...I'm wonderimg if it pulled the painted dryloc off the cinder block??
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Old 11-11-14, 12:23 PM
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Generally it's not a good idea to attach drywall directly to masonry. Is the block above or below grade? if above grade - how is the exterior of the block finished? What caused the flood?
Old 11-11-14, 01:49 PM
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We got 24" of rain in 24hrs is what caused the flood.
This original part of house is cinder block.

The inside of the window have 1/2 or just enough room for a sheet of sheetrock. If anything else is attached...the windows can not be opened inward. (For cleaning)

The "professional" told me this morning that what little bit of moisture that could come in contact would dry up. So mold wouldn't be an issue.
(Not an answer I like hearing)
(This is why 99% of my home improvements are diy)

Anyhow...I do know that doing this is not a good idea. That's why I painted all the cinder block with Dryloc. To prevent ANY moisture from coming in contact with the few sq ft that sheetrock is attach to cinder block.

If I do any type of thermal break then the window framing is not as wide as the window and looks ridiculous.
(Who ever original installed window didn't knock out the cinder block wide enough for any framing.
Reminds of a garage)

Oh...and the wall IS ABOVE grade.....and an exterior wall.
I'm probably making more of a big deal that it is....but just don't want issues down road.
Old 11-11-14, 02:01 PM
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It's not just a matter of knocking out block to accommodate the window. There is a lintel block above the opening that is supported by the block on each side and supports the load above the window.

Had you considered using foam board on the return and then covering it will 1/4" or maybe 1/8" plywood and then case out the window with wood? You can also get 1/4" thick drywall.

I wouldn't be overly concerned with screws penetrating the block. The paint on the exterior should stop moisture from entering the block. I assume it's not likely you'll get another monster monsoon
Old 11-11-14, 03:39 PM
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I suppose there are a few ways to deal with it. I may have opted to put a sheet of plastic behind that drywall. Held the edge down with some type of sealant.

Another idea is to use composite trim, plane it down to your desire thickness, and built an extension jamb for each window. Then trim them out nicely on the inside.

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