How should I insulate this space.


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How should I insulate this space.

So I live in Buenos Aires Argentina and our new house like the majority of constructions here is completely free of traditional insulation like I was accustomed to in the US. In spite of that it keeps itself remarkable cool in the summer and warm in the winter Lately though, I've been trying to get a little more performance of and ease the load on my air conditioner and have been looking at specific areas which I think I could easily insulate and would help quite a bit. The taparollos.

Also like the majority of houses in the city, every window of the house is equipped with rolling security shutters on every window.

The space into which those shutters roll up is called the taparollo and in this house is plaster work. Due to the nature of the shutters this space is completely open towards the outside and while the rest of the walls of the house have the benefit of representing 13.5 inches of masonry construction. The outside air circulating through these spaces is only separated from the inside of the ouse by an inch or so of plaster in most places and a thin piece of metal in the bottom access.

My question is what would the best way to insulate this space? I was thinking of fiberglass because it would also help with some of the outside noise making its way in. When I looked into that, I noticed that almost all of the fiberglass rolls said to have the vapor barrier on the inside side however it seems to me like that would cause condensation on the inside part of the insulation since the house will almost always be drier than the humid Buenos Aires climate. What do you guys think? I would appreciate any suggestions that you might have.

Here are some pictures

View of the window from the inside (The black metal piece is the access cover) :

View of the inside with the shutter down:

With the shutter rolled up:

More interior views:

The gutter down pipes run through this space in the 4 corners of the house.

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I assume you are trying to keep the heat out?
If the sun shines on this wall during the day, the first thing you need is shade.
If you want to go further, then fill as much of the hole as you can with polystyrene or similar closed cell insulation. It is best to stick it in place using drywall adhesive.
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Yes trying to keep the heat out.

Why would you suggest polystyrene instead of fiberglass?

I could stick them to the studs with double sided tape as well probably, i'm going to need to seal the seams anyway inorder to prevent the air from just going through the separations between the Styrofoam sheets.

The sun shines on one side of the house but the problem is not so one of the outer wall becoming hot since that doesn't really transfer to the inside, rather the problem is the hot air enters around the curtain and the quite easily warms up the inner wall, bordering the shutter housing

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