Proper Insulation


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Proper Insulation

This originally started out as an ice dam thread in the roofing forum, but I think my question now is more appropriate here. So we had some water coming in, after a few days of dehumidifying to try and dry the wall, we decided to just replace the sheetrock. Behind my sheetrock was plastic, and then unfaced insulation. Was that the correct way to do it? When this all goes back together I want to make sure it's done right.

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Yes, that is the proper way to do it. Make sure all the insulation and framework is dry before covering it back up. Reinstall a plastic vapour barrier being sure to seal all penitrations and seams, then you are ready to gyproc.

This will not address the cause of your ice dam however. For that, you need to look at the insulation and venting at the soffits above that wall.
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One additional step is to go crazy air sealing. Although the plastic will help with air sealing, its primary function is being a vapor barrier. Use some low expanding foam around those big windows and caulk behind the existing insulation. Specifically caulk the tops of each cavity, but some will picture frame each cavity.

The top plate is one of the weak spots where there is usually insufficient space above for extra insulation, so any help you can give it from below is a big plus.

I MA, the latest recommendations on a vapor barrier are mixed. Where we would normally have installed one as yours was, they now are saying, if well air sealed the VB is unnecessary. I interpret "unnecessary" as implying it won't hurt to use one .

Caulk any holes for electrical wires and electrical boxes are available in sealed units.

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K thanks.

And yes to address the water getting in I'm going to take the shingles off and put down some ice / water shield. Along with one of those heated wire things on the roof.

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