Preventing Frost In Old Cellar


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Preventing Frost In Old Cellar

We have an older house, 1950's, with a cellar in the basement that is under our concrete front porch. The corner that faces away from the house as well as the ceiling of the cellar frost over in winter and thaw out in spring. We want to try and make it usable for storage. Is there any suggestions on how to stop the frost from forming? We do keep our basement heated, somewhat, and the cellar is the only place in the basement where there is any frost what so ever.

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The only sure fire way to do this is to have closed cell spray foam installed on the basement side of the concrete porch floor and at least the area of wall that is above the outside grade line. Spraying the entire wall would be better. You also have to check with your local building department to determine what they accept for a fire resistive application over the foam.

Since condensation originates from indoor humidity, you could also monitor the humidity levels in the basement and try to compensate or correct for higher levels, usually anything over 50% is going to start causing issues but that number could be lower depending on how cold the walls and porch floor get.

If you go with spray foam, you may want to also investigate having it used on the rim area of the entire basement as this is an air leakage path in many older houses.

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