xps edge sealant and adheasive question!?


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xps edge sealant and adheasive question!?

I'm using xps on basement walls.

What adhesive should I use??

Should edges be sealed with spray foam or acoustic seal?
If spray foam, is any type ok to use or do some have a chemical reaction with xps?! Also is any spray Ok should it be of xps type??? (is the xps foam with a professional gun) why do some foam need a application gun??
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I like PL Premium adhesive; others like Loctite foam board adhesive.

Joints between panels should be taped with tape like 3M red construction tape or some use Tyvek tape.

If you have gaps at the edges you can use any can foam to fill the gaps; there is no problem with compatibility with the XPS. Small gaps can be caulked or taped.

Pros use can foam with the special applicator gun because the gun gives better control of the application, and partially used cans can be reused (within a few weeks) and the guns can be cleaned. Can foam with the straw pretty much has to be used all at once or it is wasted because it sets up in the straw. You can sometimes get another use or two by cutting an inch off the straw to remove the set foam, but this only works for a short time after first use.

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