Not happy with Roxul Safe'nSound


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Not happy with Roxul Safe'nSound

Don't mean to make it into a *****ing thread.... Just did a half-bath that is part of the bedroom.....Did Roxul Safe' n Sound strictly for sound insulation.
I am not really impressed.... Minor difference across a wall to the kitchen
Obviously I knew it wouldn't be sound proof but was hoping I could tell a clear difference..

Anyhow... any similar product that could be used? I have my main bath that I will be re-doing in a month or so.... Want to ensure better sound insulation between rooms (across walls).

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Filling the cavities only reduces air coupled sound, and much is coupled through the framing, especially lower frequencies.

Several things you can do: 2x6 plates with offset studs and Safe and sound woven between, or even double walls with space between. Double layer of drywall on one or both walls. Cover wall with mass loaded vinyl before sheetrock. Use resilient isolation channels for mounting drywall.

Just depends on how much extra effort and expense you want to expend.
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How much sound would you have had with hollow walls? Probably much, much more, so the Roxul is doing what it is advertised to do. As Paul mentioned, sound, especially lower frequencies, travel through framing using vibration. Unless you decouple the two walls, sound will transmit. With the Roxul, the resonance between the cavities is eliminated.
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Soundproofing is next to impossible. As Larry said, I'm sure the Roxul is doing its job but you're getting sound transmitted through conduction of the solid materials, as Paul pointed out. In our units, we use double walls and cut the floor in between to reduce this conduction of sound.

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