Condensation on Vaulted T&G ceiling


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Condensation on Vaulted T&G ceiling

I added a patio room on to the north side of my house with a T&G ceiling (1x6 cedar). Moisture appears to be condensing on the ridge beam and recessed lights which are nearest to the beam and on both sides. The droplets occur whether or not the weather is wet or dry and it isn't worse when it rains, so I think the problem is condensation. The roof is comprised of 2x10 rafters setting on the walls with birds' eye cuts. I installed blocking between the rafters where the rafters set on the walls. I'm wondering if that is my problem and the condensation is due to inadequate ventilation? Should I remove the blocking? Oh, I did install a ridge vent along the outside of the roof when I shingled the roof.
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Ridge vents are exhaust, what's in place to supply the make-up air?
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It's probably heavy dew, just like you get on your car in the morning. The ridge vent is probably doing more harm than good by letting the inside of the roof and the can lights get cold... then when the temperature crosses the dew point it starts dripping inside the roof.

If there is no air barrier (drywall) under the cedar planks that doesn't help either... the inside of the room starts getting warm and humid... the temperature outside also rises... while the inside of the roof is still cold... so anything in the ceiling that is below the dew point is going to condense.

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