Adding Wall Insulation and Furnace Flue Question


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Adding Wall Insulation and Furnace Flue Question

Hello, folks! For context, this is a townhome built in North Virginia in the mid-eighties.

First question, regarding this picture: we've got insulation all up against the furnace flue. It's hard to get to (not pictured: giant antenna immediately to my side), so I can't really tell if it has any flashing or other barrier against the insulation. It kind of looks like it doesn't, though. Is this an issue I need to take care of?

For the next questions, I recently picked up a nifty FLIR One Pro IR camera and started looking around at my walls. Here are what look to be trouble spots I found: Rec Room, Bottom of Stairs, Top of Stairs. My questions are:

1.) Do I need to put insulation in the apparent trouble spots?
2.) Is it feasible for me to do it myself?

Thanks a bunch!
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