Unsustainable propane cost for old home.

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Unsustainable propane cost for old home.

I bought a 2100 ft2 house with 49 windows heated with propane (AKA liquid gold). The attic floorboards have been pulled up- filled with rockwool - boards nailed back .Tar paper was rolled out and secured with roofing nails. The tarpaper is rolled up onto the wall about a foot for sealing. It appears like a good quality nip and tuck installation maybe done in the Late 5os. Should I pull up the floor and airseal with closed cell foam? And put in R38? I have an RV set up in the driveway in case I have to drain the boiler and water lines like the previous owners did.
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So what do you estimate is your R value in the attic,

I have never seen or heard anybody putting tar paper on top of insulation in an attic.

Not sure if that is a good or bad thing!

I have an RV set up in the driveway in case I have to drain the boiler and water lines like the previous owners did.
Guess I dont know what that has to do with the insulation question!
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Since you are stuffing the insulation between the ceiling and the floor in the attic..... the tar paper is a moot point. It may stop some air movement but it won't contribute to the insulation value.

A house built back in the 50's is going to have next to nothing for insulation in the walls. That's where most of your loss is.
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I too am curious about the RV story?

For a simple fix I don't think you have anything to gain by messing with the attic insulation.
The only problem that could arise from it is if the "tar paper" is trapping moisture in cold weather making your insulation ineffective.

You don't say anything about the type of Windows you have but I can guess that they are a major source of heat loss.
A way to see what impact your windows have on your heating cost would be to use window shrink film.
I suspect it would help a lot.
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I'm with GraigH on this one.
49 windows!
That's a whole lot of possible air leaks.
The home live in is about 75 years old and used to be heated with propane.
My gas bill used to be over $300.00 a month in the winter.
I replaced all the windows and got rid of the huge empty spaces where the old window weights used to be , air sealed the attic and added another layer or unfaced R19.
Installed a mini split HVAC.
I did all the work myself so all I had to pay for was materials.
My highest bill in winter is now only $75.00, and in summer the highest it's ever been even when running the AC 24/7 is $38.00.

My highest

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