Spray in expandable foam insulation


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I will be constructing a new home within a year around the Houston, Texas area. I once saw a TV program which had a two part expandable foam insulation that was sprayed in between the studs after all other components were installed. At the time, it appeared to be the "future" of insulation. I haven't heard much about the process lately and was wondering if it is a viable option for new home construction? Is the cost prohibibtive, is the effectiveness worthwhile, is it readily available. Please help.
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The product is used in Michigan... In The Metro Detroit area it is not used alot, but is available. I would have to guess that the cost is approximately 40% more than using fiberglass batts.. The question of whether or not it is worth it is hard to answer in my opinion.. I believe any insulation whether, expandable foam, Blown in cellulose or fiberglass will do a great job if it is installed properly..

If nothing else I would suggest using expandable foam to seal all exterior wall openings.. ie windows doors etc as well as behind outlets on exterior wall.

you might try http://www.icynene.on.ca for more info

Good luck

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The linc I posted was not working

I found this link though... http://www.aesinct.com/Icynene.htm

It might answer some of your questions..


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