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we are going to be replacing our plaster on our livingroom walls with sheetrock. We've been informed that because of how our house may have been built, our blown in insulation from upstairs may come falling out when we remove the plaster. Is there any way we can either keep the upstairs insulation in place, or re insulate up there without having to tear apart any upstairs walls? Our second floor is only a half story, so is the insulation under the roofing likely to be the same as in the walls? Would it be possible to blow in from the peak of the room and fill downward from there? We're stumped.

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how long ago was your home built?

Would seem to me that any insulation from the 2nd floor or ceiling area should not be affected at all if first floor walls are gutted.

Generally there is a plate (usually 2" x 4"s) between the first and 2nd floor walls. Any home recently built would require this for fire stopping purposes at a minimum. But it would be easy enough to find out by just removing the plaster in a small area from ceiling to floor. If it appears you have a problem with the insulation from the 2nd floor falling down then just remove a small area at the top perhaps 4" down from the first floor ceiling and block it off before removing the remain wall area..

Worst case scenario if all the insulation in the 2nd floor walls was to fall out ( would be hard for me to believe) you could have loose blown cellulose blown into those walls after the work was completed on the first floor>
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the house was built (or at least that section of it... In 1890-1895. Our guess is that the livingroom hasn't been redone since..well, for qiute a while. The newer part of the house was built in the 40's, and it has sheetrocked walls. I'm guessing nobody has looked behind the walls in our livingroom since it's been built.
anyway, thank you for the advice!
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In our area of the country (Michigan) some of the older homes have a product called vermiculite in the walls that was used as an insualtion.. This is a small whiteish granular product. If that is what you have then yes it is likely it will all fall out... However If it was me I would be greatful if it did so that I could install new insulaion that actually works effectively..

With the rising costs of energy, a well insulated home will return its cost... Perhaps you should change the wet plaster in the 2nd Floor also... Lots of work, but if your staying there for ten or more years you will get your return on your investment easily I would say !!

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