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Are there any foam insulation products available for do-it-yourself application in existing walls in older homes? (Or is this a contractor only job?)
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To my knowledge there are no do it yourself programs..
The cost of the equipment would be to much to consider for a do it yourselfer... Even having a contractor do it costs about 3 times as much as fiberglass batt insulation in my area>


You can foam seal windows, doors and electrical outlets yourself and install fiberglass batts and achieve virtually the same results. Be sure not to install to much foam around windows and doors as it expands and can cause problems with sills and jams being forced out of square. Foam insulation at openings is only to stop air penetration and this is accomplished with just a 1/2 in thickness...

some builders caulk all doublers and both the bottom and top plate.. I peronally think that is a bit excessive...

Good luck


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