FLIR Gun orThermography App for Andriod!

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FLIR Gun orThermography App for Andriod!

I have a very old house. Single story in a very cold area of the northeast of US.

More than likely will be selling in about two years.

Meantime, I have a bedroom that gets extremely cold during the cold months of the year. Temp difference can be as much as 10 degrees or more at times depending on the wind outside. I am getting ready to wrap the entire room in plastic from ceiling to floor to keep the heat in the room.

I was browsing the Internet and stumbled upon apps for your cell phone camera that have basic thermographic ability. I also looked online about FLIR guns which I really don't want to invest that much money in.

This bedroom I have that gets very cold I just want to get an idea of where the cold air is coming in from. It has a drop ceiling and I looked up in it and can't see any holes etc in the ceiling above. Honestly not much insulation in the attic above that and I have insulated the floor underneath in the basement. None of the other rooms have insulation in the attic above them and they don't get anywhere near as cold as this room does. The walls are not insulated either in this bedroom or the rest of the house - please don't ask.

I don't plan on staying here much longer but just want to be able to try and pinpoint to some degree where this cold air is coming in from. The person that owned this house before me installed new windows but did not do it properly and even the new windows the air rushes thru where the windows meet the walls. I have to literally put up plastic on all my windows (on the inside of the house) to keep the rooms warm during the winter. Insulating the wall/attic etc are not in my plan for now in this house. Not spending the money on this.

Just want to get a phone app (Andriod) or a FLIR gun or device that will help me pinpoint where this cold air is coming in from. On cold windy days I try to place my hand slowly around the room, around the floor, windows etc to see if I can tell where it is coming in from but can't seem to find the spot/s where it is.

Is there an inexpensive gun I can purchase or an app I can get for my phone camera that I can use. I see a lot of apps in Google Store but can't figure out which one to use.

Anyone have any idea?

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Coulda just done with the last paragraph.

The important question is what's your budget? Also consider renting a camera. Many local tool rental stores carry them and there are online rental companies that would allow you to use a higher end camera for a day or week without breaking the bank.

When considering a thermal camera look at the resolution. Higher resolution cameras can display what the sensor sees. Lower resolutions cameras will sometimes use software and upscale to artificially create a higher resolution that looks better on the screen. And then a third type take a visible spectrum image and merge it with the thermal, but often have low resolution IR sensor. Imagine your phone with a 64 x 64 pixel camera and what its image might look like.

How much a device costs depends a largely on resolution. Higher resolutions are more expensive and it's a pretty steep curve. Low resolution is OK for taking the temp of an item like an electrical component but not great for looking at a room for heat losses or air leaks. A higher resolution sensor can provide a more camera like image that allows you to stand back and look at an entire wall and be able to spot the trouble areas with relative ease. A lower resolution camera may only show you a blob and then you have to get rather close to pinpoint the exact source.
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A phone app won't work.
All cameras including those on cell phones have an infrared filter that would block enough IR that the image taken would be useless for thermal testing.
There is a relatively inexpensive IR attachment that works quite well.
I have al older version of this that when attached to a cell phone is as good as their cheaper stand alone thermal imagers.
I am not sure if it's been discontinued by Flir but their website shows a pro version of this at a higher price.
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just want to be able to try and pinpoint to some degree where this cold air is coming in from. ... Not spending the money on this.
Um, if you don't intend on fixing the problem, why waste time investigating the problem?

The extra-cold room is, most likely on the northwest side of the house, and/or likely under a gable roof vent.

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Agree with Hal.
No insulation in the walls, poorly installed windows, poor insulation in the attic. All of these are contributing to the problem. What's the point? However, solving the problem will yield a better sell price.

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