Insulation around gas exhaust vent stacks


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I have a vented double sided fireplace that is run in the middle of the house through the second floor, attic and then of course vented outside. In the middle of winter snow gathers in this area and begins to melt creating - you guessed it, an ice dam a few feet below the exhaust stack. The house is 4 years old with insulation throughout at R38 except for this area. The walls around the exhaust stack were not insulated, including the ceiling portion where the stack protrudes into the attic area. I believe the stack is double lined or double walled. Can I add insulation in the walls relative to this area or should I just leave the situation alone?
Any advice is appreciated... Thanks
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If I understand your situation correctly, there is a boxed area made of wood in the attic that the vent stacks are hidden inside of... If this is the case i see no reason that you could not insulate around the outside of the box.

This could be done with unfaced insulation held on with bands or with long stick pins. If you need more help just ask..

Good luck

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Thanks for the the future I will try to make my posts a little clearer so that you do not have to guess at the issue. The gas log double sided fireplace vent pipes are contained within walls in the 1st and 2nd floors of my split level home. As the stack exits the second floor ceiling no joists or studs are around the stack in the attic area, which is exposed for 2 feet until protruding through the roofline and outside. The vent is double lined due to the travel through the house.
Here are what I consider is/was causing ice damming issues in that area:
1. The insulation crew, in my veiw did not properly insulate around the 2nd floor wall and ceiling closure due to heat loss which I noticed first hand last winter. Exposed areas in this closure area were open to the attic. I insulated the area which did greatly improve the ice damming.
2. I would like to go one step further and wrap insulation around the double stack to ensure further reduced heat loss. Can I wrap unfaced insulation directly to the double stack, in this attic area without causing a fire? What other limitations or problems can occur from this? ......and again thanks for information.
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