insulation installed incorrectly under house


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We recently had a home inspection and the inspector found that the insulation installed under the house has the side that should be facing the floor, facing the ground. Should we get new insulation or have the current insulation installed properly? Our home is less than a year old and we have not been able to locate the builder because he has filed for bankruptcy and moved or something.

Thanks for any guidance you can provide.
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There is a long answer & a short answer. Here's the short one. Contact your local building inspector & have him have a look at it. He will advise you what needs to be done for your locale. Ask if there is a New Home Warranty program in your area. If the builder was a registered member of this program you may have some assistence through them.
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Thank you for the recommendation.
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The vapor barrier side should always go toward the heated space.
If you can get the insulation reversed at someone else's cost, then do so.
It is probably stapled to the floor joists by the vapor barrier, and it will get torn when removed.
Unless you're in an extremely cold climate, the floor insulation is the least critical of all, since heat rises.
If you can't get it reversed by someone else, than you can D-I-Y, hire it done, or leave it.
Your call.
Good Luck!
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Thank you for your response. We're attempting to find out who installed it and have it redone and if not I'll do it myself with a friend's help.

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