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hello !
I'm very a new craftswoman, and I'm looking for pieces of advice on PU Foams : I have to install a new window, but the wall isn't right, could you tell me what PU Foam is the best, and how to use it in the best way ?
Do you have any tricks to use it ?
As I think that there will be foam left in the cartridge, could you tell me other possible uses of such a product ?

Thank you in advance for your help !
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The best is Touch and Foam.

The remainder can be used to fill utility holes etc.
Unless you have several windows tons of utility holes, most of it will go to waste. Pass the rest on to friends and neighbors. Remember that these foams expand up to six times the bead you run. Try to specify minimal expansion.

If it is a matter of the frame being out of square then it is matter of shiming the window in so that the window is square. Be sure top check the sides with a long stright edge to make sure the shash will work right. Check parallel sides by measuring from side to side, top, middle and bottom. Keep the inside frame surface flush with the interior wall. If the wall surface is wavey you can use tapping compound to match wall surface to window frame.

If it is a plastic window the foam will not stick to it, but, will adhere to the wood frame. If it is wood the foam will literally bond the window to the frame.

Order the window 1' to 1 1/4' smaller than the frame size.
If the window is to sit on the frame, run a bead of silicon caulk on the frame before setiin in the window. Silicon cualk is super slick, careful.

Insert the PU tube into the cavity, towards front, and run a bead. DO NOT try to fill the cavity (disaster). After the foam sets up you can see how much it expanded and then raun more as required. Run a bead on some paper before to do the deed. Try not get foam on any thing other then what you want.

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There are some issues here you better be aware of.

First, if you use a canned expanding foam around the window, you will probably void the warranty of the window. Better read the warranty BEFORE you install it and see where you stand. If you decide to go ahead with the foam, use one that has minimum expansion, and only fill the gap about 1/3 full. Let it sit overnite, then decide whether to add more foam or not.

Exactly what do you mean when you say "the wall isn't right"??

Silicon, as suggested by rbisys, may not be the best choice of a sealant to use. A better choice might be a construction adhesive like Sikaflex. It will adhere better to a wider range a materials.
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