Insulation vapor barrier is brittle


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I currently live about 20 miles north of New York City. The insultation in my attic is R13. Whenever I do work in the attic and move the insulation the paper vapor barrier crumbles, I guess because its 40 years old. Since I would like to add more insulation in my attic should I leave the existing insulation in place and put a new layer on top of it? Or, should I remove it and replace it with new insulation?
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The paper is not a vapor barrier. The FTC made the fiber glass (FG) compaanies stop claiming that it is. In fact that paper is very highly flamable because of the pitch on it that is used as a glue.

There are better insulations than FG, and safer too. I have to know where the FG is now. What are using the attic for. Do you want the new insulation in the floor or are you planning to finish arric, and so to install in rafters? Any other pertinent info?

Thank you.

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