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I hope someone can help me. The rooms above my garage are freezing in the winter and hotter than blazes in the summer. I would like to insulate the outside walls in the garage. I have very little money to work with. I have thought of purchasing 1 1/2" or 2" styrofoam insulation and using an adhesive to attach it to the walls. I've been told this can be done and that I could even seal the seams with caulk and paint over it. Has anyone ever tried this approach? I would also like some ideas for the garage door. I know that cold air is coming in the cracks. I need this to be as simple and inexpensive as possible. I have depleted my $ replacing the decking on my roof! Who knew insurance wouldn't pay for that?!?

Thanks for any and all suggestions,
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You said the rooms ABOVE the garage are too hot and too cold but you want to insulate the garage.

Insulate around the space you want to control the temperature. Insulating the garage will keep the temp in the garage more consistent which will help the rooms above the garage a little but not solve your stated problem.

For the rooms over the garage, insulate the ceiling of the garage which is the floor of the rooms. Insulate the ceiling of the garage ROOMS. Also make sure you have adequate ventilation in the attic space (ridge vents and soffit vents).
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This a common problem. One reason for the higher than usual heat gain/lose is that you have more surface area to let energy radiate from.

You need to insulate the garage ceiling, the wall between the garage and the house and the upstairs ceiling and the upstairs exterior walls.

You can do it inexpensively at first and then finish off later.

What you need is high efficiency radiant barriers (RB). They will only radiate about 5% of the heat energy instead of the 90%+ you are now losing. You can get this material in 48" width x 1000sf. It is paper or plastic film base with aluminum foil laminated to both sides.

Garage ceiling: You can do one of two ways. Remove the ceiling drywall and install two sheets of the RB between the joists. If there is any fiberglass (FG), remove it.
Install new dry wall. Actually this is the cheapest way to do it. The second; cut 4x4x 1/2" plywood pads and screw them to the joists 24" c/c, thru the drywall. Attach the single layer of RB to these pads. Install 7/8" steel furring stips to the pads, this will also heip support the RB. Install drywall. If you can install the drywall your self the taping costs won't be that much. To give you an idea of the RB efficiency, the US Government tested a single RB for down heat (your case) and found it to be about 30% more efficient than a 6" FG batt. You would literally have to stuff the room above to math this performance.

The same for the upstairs ceiling.

You can attach the RB to the garage walls with staples and go into more detail finishing, later, when you have more money.

This actually can be done to ALL the inside of the exterior walls. The only draw back is that this paint, I'm recommending, has to to be light pastel (such as bone, white, etc) and is flat only. The paint is called Radiance and you can get it thru Sherwim Wns paint stores. In comes in five gallons only as a base paint. You tint to match.
This paint is 40% effective in reflecting radiant energy. This may not sound like much, but it is considerably better than the FG, or what ever, you have now. The interior walls can be done in less costly regular paint, tinted to match.

If you have any questions about method or material sources, let me know.

For RB info enter into your search engine, "radiant barrier" or "reflective insulation".

Thank you for considering my opinion.

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