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We are thinking about buying a home that has listed Urea Formaldehyde (UFFI) foam insulation listed in the disclosure sheet. What are the dangers of this type of insulation? Does it pose a health problem or concern? Should we look at another house?
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Recently, I just went through what you are going through regarding the UFFI. I did as much research as I could and this is what I found out. The foam insulation was popular in the 70's during the last energy crisis. Chances are this is when it was installed in the home you are considering. The formaldehyde "off gassed" within the first couple of years of installation. I spoke to people at the EPA (which also has info regarding UFFI on their web-site), my state Department of Health, a consultant from Canada (the UFFI is common their because of the longer heating season) and a local environmental air tester. They pretty much all said the same thing. That the foam "off gassed the formaldehyde within the first couple of years of installation. The tester said that he was familiar with the issue and that didn't want to take my money to test for formaldehyde. He claimed that I would be at greater risk from formaldehyde given off from new carpets and furniture. The person from the EPA also confirmed this. The consultant said that what I had was good insulation.

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