Is there help with this problem?


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Is there help with this problem?

We bought a house 20 years ago that had been built in the 60's. It is on a concrete slab, concrete block walls with alumiunmn siding but with out any insulation on the walls---behind the siding or the drywall. Any suggestions as to insulating the walls? Have thought about taking siding off and putting the foam board on, but not sure if thats the route to go to get a high R rating. Any comments appericated.
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Greetings, Drelgan

If you are going for "R" factors, you're goig to be disappointed. See my answer to Cjrb138, close to your thread.

Actually the aluminum siding is a pretty good insulator because it works as a radiant barrier, althought not quite as efficient.

There are two ways to do the walls. The first is to paint the interior side of the exterior walls with a radiant barrier paint, This paint is actually more efficient than most bulk insulations and a lot cheaper.

The second is to remove the siding and furr out with 1x2, install radiant barrier and reinstall the siding. The problem is that you will need more siding as you made the house larger. This method will perform better than foam.

You might also consider installing a radiant barrier over the attic insulation as this will reduce your a/c costs considerably and help with the winter costs also.

If you where considering the floors I could also tell you how to insulate using only abot i 1/4 " thick.

Thank you for considering my opinion.
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Thanks for your reply. I had never heard of the radiant paint---but am going to look into it. It sounds like the best route for us to go. I am interested in the floor information you have. We had wondered if there was anything we could do to it--know we are losing heat due to it being so cold. Thanks again.
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Thank you for your reply. I installed siding for about 13 years and installed RBs on the walls and in the ceil'gs. Energy savings up to 50% were achived.

I'm gussing that you do not have radiant heat floors.
Go to and you'll find a material that acts as a vapor barrier and and allows subflooring to be installed over it. Befor the sub floor is installed you lay a RB over this material. This will insulate your floors. You could install, instead, 1x3 flat and get a slightly higher energy savings, but, this method will do quite nicely. Total thickness should be about 1 1/4" thick.
Performance should exceed a 6" batt.

Any more ?s, please ask.

Thank you for considering my opinion.
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