Weatherstrip Installation


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Weatherstrip Installation

I saw on a television show a window seal shaped in profile like an arrow with a ring on the end of it ( <-<-----0 ) roughly!! It was installed in the corner of the window frame using a special router which looked more like a jigsaw - had a front edge with a 90 degree angle, and the router cut a thin groove in the corner of the window frame at an angle of 45 degrees. The window seal was then pushed into this - it could be pulled out for painting or replacement. Has anyone any idea what I'm talking about, and what the product is?

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Window insulation

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you saw it on TV, then that's probably a confirmation. Condensation and ice on the inside of your windows is usually caused by too much humidity in your home. Reduce humidity with dehumdifier, run fans to improve ventilation, open curtains and raise blinds at windows to improve air circulation and ventilation. Run bathroom and kitchen fans during and after showering and cooking for 30 minutes to eliminate humidity. Check windows for transfer of heat to the outdoors around the bases and sides of windows where seals may have failed. Also check around muttons/mullions where there may be loose glazing that allows heat escape around individual panes. Windows in older homes and homes that have inexpensive windows that tend not to be effective after 3-4 years tend to be the source of most window problems. In severe cases, the interiors of windows can be covered with plastic to prevent the heavy condensation and ice.

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