insullation costs for install


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Question insullation costs for install

We have a quote from a contractor for installing insullation. Many rooms share a wall and it appears that we are being double charged. What is the proper method to charge for insullation installation? Is it typical to pay for insullation on common walls? What if no insullation is installed, are we still obligated to pay for this?
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Installation costs

Installation costs vary depending on what part of the country you live in. Get a minimum of three bids to compare. Going with the lowest price does not always guarantee the best work. Ask questions and interview the bidders about how they will approach the project as well as charge you. It is also recommended that you go with a licensed and insured contractor, that way you will be covered in the event of personal injury or property damage. Also, get some references and call and/or go see some of the contractor's work. Some contractors charge by the hour, while others charge by the job.

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make sure whoever is bidding this job is an insualtion contractor...
not a home improvement company that sub-contracts the work to an insulation firm.. What is your objective to adding extra insulation?

If your considering having additional insulation blown into your exterior walls, for thermal protection, be sure that you have no existing insulation in the walls at this time. If you do now matter how minimal it is, it will restrict the new insulation from filling the cavity's and will create huge voids of uninsulated walls.. In essence a waste of good money..

Describe your situation in more detail and we may be able to provide further assistance..

Good Luck

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Insullation - more details

To insulman,

Thanks for getting back to me. More details for you.

We hired a general contractor for a remodel working with the existing floor plan. Several interior walls were reconfigured, the outside walls remained the same. We questioned the bid from the beginning because it doubled insullated common walls and added insullation on walls that were not going to be touched (existing sheet rock remained, no insullation added). He claimed it was a function of his software application and that it would be adjusted later. Well now is later and I provided him with a detailed spreadsheet containing the bid square foot of walls, materials and cost vs actual insullation installed and then calculated the difference between the two. I'm asking for an explanation and possible adjustment because it appears that the contractor made $485 per hour installing 1600 sq.ft of insullation.

What is common practice for costs associated with insullation when there are common walls and untouched walls in a remodel?
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1600 Sq ft.. I am assuming these are all wall areas only... I am also assuming that these were insulated with fiberglass batts

R-13 would go for approximately 25 - 30 cents per square foot for material only in this area... R-11 if used in interior walls is a few pennies less per square foot..

depending on how cut up the job was, I would assume it would take between 3 - 6 hours to install 1600 ft of wall insualtion..

assuming on the difficult side (6 hours)... I would guesstimate that a fair price would be 800 to a 1000 dollars... Every job has its own particulars and there may have been additional work and costs I am not considering.. so please only use my numbers as a rough estimate.

I am sure this could be done much cheaper, however I do feel that people should be able to make a reasonable profit hence the figures I quoted...

now as for what your obligated to pay for.... I would assume that you have a signed contract.. My past experience tells me in most cases you would get one price for the entire project. If the insulation is just part of the package, then not sure how much leg you have to stand on...

Hope that helps.


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